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If an 84 year old grandmother

can do it, so can you!

It’s about making a difference.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when you hear or see something that you just know is not right. And you say to yourself “well what can I do”. It’s too big. You feel powerless.

TAKE A STAND photoAfter watching the documentary Divide in Concord, I learned how one person, an 84 year old grandmother, Jean Hill made a difference. When her grandson told her about how the ocean was littered with plastic bottles creating environmental disaster, she decided to take action. She saw no need for single bottles of water and wanted them banned in the town of Concord. The documentary shows her struggles with the town and how bizarrely people behaved to fight the ban. After many attempts, the ban finally went through. As a result, the city is building more water fountains. Many other enlightened cities are also banning single plastic bottles of water.

I read that 60 million plastic water bottles are used every day in the USA! Yickes! I wonder what the figure is worldwide. Some of the plastic bottles are recycled and the rest end up in a garbage heap or floating in the ocean.

Do we really need to be drinking single plastic bottles of water? I get that we want to drink water free of chemicals. Worried about chlorine? Then let it stand overnight and it will evaporate or simply filter your water.

I am in awe of people who see something wrong and try to make a difference. She has encouraged me to stop drinking water out of single plastic bottles. If need be, I will drink the tap water. I filter my water at home and take a stainless steel water bottle with me.
Make a difference. Start by reducing or refusing single plastic bottles of water.


Do you realize that your relationship with food can change your life and even lead you to find love?

It can. My blog is to share my experiences that took me from an unhealthy place to a fabulous new life of love, health and wellness.

My life simply got better when I took early retirement. This was the biggest surprise for me. I was too busy to even plan it. People seemed so worried about what I was going to do. Won’t I miss my job? You are too young to retire. My goodness, I was not going off to live on my couch!

I want to show that you can change your life at any age for the better. That it is never too late to regain your health, get your energy back and even find love. eat love live kiwi

After food was prescribed to me from my doctor to regain my health, I wanted to learn more. I went back to school and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. In 2014 I got married for the first time.

You might ask how did change come about. I suppose the simply answer is food. Food changed everything in my life. It gave me my health back, restored my energy and yes, it even brought me to find my soul mate.

I had no idea just how powerful food was!

My journey is ongoing. I still have struggles but I honestly feel like a kid again! So come along with me and see how I got here and where it goes as I continue to blog about eating, loving and living.