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I have extensive experience doing lunch and learns or leading workshops or talks for corporations, businesses, groups or private functions.

It fascinates me that we learn to drive a car, become a wiz at the computer, learn another language, have excellent cooking skills or operate some fancy equipment.  And yet we have no idea how our body works.  Now how does the food we eat breakdown?  Where does it go?   How does it nourish or disrupt our body? How does it digest and how does it get eliminated? When you learn more about your body, you do better.   


Speaker topics are endless but here is an example of the more popular ones:

  • Stress and The Way to Manage
  • The Way To Blissful Sleep
  • A Trip Down the Digestive Track
  • A Healthy Gut and Healthy You
  • Why Am I So Tired?
  • So What Should I Be Eating?
  • The Confusing World of Food Labels
  • Mindful Eating
  • Heart Health
  • If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes – How to Move Out of Stuck.
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries

Caryl was awesome – very knowledgeable and fun. The Team loved her – we would definitely be interested in booking with her again in the new year.


Wellness Coordinator

From the people I spoke they thought Caryl was excellent and really enjoyed the session.   I attended as well and thought she was fabulous – the session was very informative.   I would certainly not hesitate having her speak again. 



Thank you so much for the great information Caryl. I really appreciate it.

I found your Heart Health talk very informative.  Thank you so much for taking the time to enlighten us about our very own body!  Love your passion!!


Caryl presented a Nutrition Lunch and Learn at our workplace during the October Healthy Workplace Month. The session was informative and Caryl was very knowledgeable. The presentation was easy to follow and she did a great job at engaging the audience within the first few minutes. After the presentation, the attendees expressed positive feedback about the session and a few stuck around with additional questions for Caryl. Overall, everyone enjoyed the session and we would all love to have Caryl come back and speak to our employees again.


Wellness Coordinator