Need a speaker for your next  event?

I do speaking engagements to corporations, lunch and learns, small community groups, private functions or give individual nutritional  counselling.  I provide a wide range of nutritional topics and can design talks on specific needs or in a series.

Suggested Topics:

How Does Digestion Work – understanding how your digestion works, how food enters and exits the body or how do nutrients get into the body. This helps you in making decisions on what and how to eat. And you will learn when it goes wrong – for example are you feeling gassy, bloated or burping? constipated? craving sugar?  This is not boring – it is fascinating to understand how food enters the body, where it goes and how it comes out!

How Stress affects the body and digestion – stress can cause problems in the body, it can make you sick – learn how, when and what to eat during stress and simple tips to help you during stressful times.  Often we cannot change the stress and we can earn strategies to manage it.

Why am I So Tired?  This is perhaps one of the most common complaints by women – always tired, lack of energy, no mood to do anything.  This talk will address some of the underlying reasons that you are tired and what you can do about it to give yourself that oomph you need to get you going!

Insomnia – do you have difficulty getting to sleep or do you wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep or perhaps you sleep all night and wake up tired?  Learn about sleep hygiene, foods and natural remedies that can get you that blissful night’s sleep.

So what should you be eating – explaining what your body wants and needs to give you life and energy. Learn what needs to be on your plate and why you need it. Learn not only what to eat but also how to eat which can be just as important.

Stuck in Life – do you spend time wishing you would like to do something else and then do nothing about it?  perhaps you want to loose weight and can only wish about it?  want more out of life and cannot figure out what you want? Then you are stuck.  In this talk we explore how to get unstuck and propel yourself to what you desire and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Other topics: Weight Loss Strategies that work; How to Read Food Labels; What are antioxidants and why you need them; Why eat organics and what are the concerns about GMO foods; Healthy Fats; Why diets work and don’t work; Change is hard – so how can you make change, What’s the poop on poo and what is normal?  These are just some examples of the kind of topics that are of interest to most people. There are so many more areas so if you have a particular topic, let me know and happy to give a talk or series of talks on your specific interest.

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