Why oh why is sleep so elusive?

It is so frustrating going to bed and to just lie there waiting for sleep. Or perhaps you get to sleep and a couple of hours later you are wide awake. Your body is so tired and your mind is active.  Tired all day long, feeling like you want to nap, no energy, completely exhausted.

What have you been doing to get more sleep? Perhaps tried melatonin and it worked for a bit or perhaps it did not even work? Maybe you turned off all the electronics or made the bedroom dark? Tried meditation? Tried some calming herbs? Nothing is working. It is so maddening and you are so tired. You might even be tempted to try sleeping pills because that is the only solution you can think of left to try.

get better sleep

I spent a long time not being able to get a good night’s sleep. It started with not being able to sleep at all then moving into some sleep with difficulty getting to sleep and then frequently waking up or waking up and not getting back to sleep. And through all this, I was experimenting, trying so many different things to find the secret sauce, the magic potion that would solve my problems. I was doing so many different things ad hoc that I had no idea what would really work or not.

get better sleep

I then came to realize that it took effort and a systematic approach to getting to sleep. I needed to bring my body into balance. Not being able to fully sleep is the body’s way of telling you something is off. Insomnia is a symptom not the source of the problem.

And now I sleep. Yes, occasionally I will wake up in the night or will not have a solid night’s rest but now I know what to do and I no longer worry about my sleep. I have all the tools to get myself back to sleeping again naturally.

Learning to get to sleep is what prompted me to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist because I was so shocked and blown away to find that most of my issues stemmed from my diet, lifestyle and a type A personality that blows off relaxation.

I work with a lot of women who are exhausted, tired, unmotivated and have wicked and uncontrollable food cravings to uncover the hormonally based reasons why they can’t sleep.

If you cannot figure out how to get to sleep and stay asleep then you will be interested in my
Let’s Get You To Sleep Program.

It is a 12 week online coaching program that gives you the very practical strategies and tools to support and balance your hormones, nullify cravings and reframe the way you think and talk about sleep so you can:

  • get better quality sleep
  • sleep throughout the night
  • wake up with energy
  • feel like you can take on the day with a renewed sense of motivation
get better sleep

What makes this program different, is that I will coach you – you will not be alone to figure it out. 

If you would like to learn more on how to get more sleep, please join my Facebook Group: Journey To Sleep.


If you would like to see how I can help you with your sleep, you can book a complimentary 45 minute call with me to see if we can get you on track to getting the sleep you seek. Please schedule your call in my calendar.

I sincerely wish you a good night’s sleep.














Here is what Tiffany said about her experience in the program “Going through a sleep program is very different than reading a book or article on sleep. I have read many books on sleep and have not found them to be effective because they offer too many suggestions, some of which are harder to implement than others, and it all gets very overwhelming. And because of no support, my sleep did not improve. I have struggled with insomnia for 20 years and this course has helped put me on track to making positive changes in my life that contribute to better sleep. What makes Caryl and her program stand out is that she asks you to set very reasonable and attainable goals. I am so grateful to Caryl for creating this program and for helping me to finally get more sleep”.


I attended Caryl’s workshop “From Fatigue to Fabulous”, and I came away richer for it. Nothing helps a message get through like humour, and Caryl guided us through her very personal journey with grace and wit.  She shared what worked for her and what didn’t, with the firm foundation of her academic background in diet and nutrition. She also suggested a few tools and tests we could try to not only help tame our existing stress and fatigue, but also to try and get ahead of it.  Well worth my time, a lovely afternoon, and I am gradually incorporating many of the things she suggested.


Before I attended the talk, I was experiencing days when I was really tired and just didn’t know why.  While at the talk, Caryl shared practical information, stories and personal experience of how fatigue shows up. She also shared really valuable information about how we get stuck, and why we don’t seem to change.  Caryl then left us with a comprehensive list of useful tips which is now hanging on my refrigerator door so I can refer to it regularly.  Thanks for an awesome, useful presentation.


I had the privilege of attending a few of Caryl Ayearst workshops and doing individual sessions with her for nutrition, NLP and reiki.

Caryl is caring, open, authentic, positive and knowledgeable.  The information that she shares is up to date, and is based on both scientific studies and personal experience.

Caryl used several modalities to help me become more aware of my nutrition, movement and thought patterns.  She helped me to bust some of my limiting beliefs and gave me the confidence to make positive changes in my life.

Caryl is a caring and supportive life coach who is invested in her clients and want to see them succeed.

She is a true teacher.  I would highly recommend Caryl if you feel stuck and are seeking to make positive changes in your life such as eating healthier or sleeping better.  She uses a holistic approach to help you to achieve your goals.