When it comes to getting a solid night’s sleep there are so many things that can happen in the body to disrupt your sleep.  But that also means that there can be things to put in place to get that good night’s sleep.

That is what it takes to get sleep – putting your body into balance.

While there are many reasons why you may not be sleeping, the big 3 that seems to be at play for most women are:
1. Stress,
2. Gut health issues (bacterial imbalance in microbiome) and
3. Blood sugar dysregulation

All 3 affect your hormones that impact your sleep.  And if you are not sleeping for any other reason, eventually all 3 of these reasons could start affecting your body.  This will continue and even deepen the problem of your ability to get to sleep.

You see if you have a bad night’s sleep, due to stress then that will have a negative impact on your gut health and having a gut health problem will create stress in your body and then it becomes a continuous cycle.  Then other hormones that regulate blood sugar and appetite start to dysregulate resulting in overeating, never feeling full, leading to prediabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, no energy, brain fog and so on.

So you might be wondering – how the heck do I fix this?

It starts with the food you eat.
Eating the right foods, at the right time in the right way.

It sounds simple and it is simple if you know what and how to eat.

I think a lot of us know if our diets are good or bad.  But most of don’t realize that there can be things missing in the diet that the body needs to support sleep.

While diet alone may not get you to a full night’s sleep, it certainly is the start.  It all depends on what is going on in your body.  Your diet is the foundation.  If you only think about taking a supplement or herbs or melatonin or meditate or turn off electronics at night, etc., you are missing the most important part.  All these things help with sleep, if you are already supporting your body nutritionally.  So if you are trying these things and they are not working, then supporting your body through food is the place to start.

When I could not sleep, I had chronic stress and issues with blood sugar and gut issues.  Then I changed my diet and went from no sleep to getting a couple of hours of sleep within weeks. I regained my energy and was even thinking clearer.  This encouraged me to learn more to further support my body through food for sleep.  Food is that impactful.

This is why I created an e-book called Nourished Sleep: A guide to promote sleep through food.  It helps you to give your body the foundation it needs to starting sleeping.  The information helps you to understand more about what food to eat and how to incorporate them into your diet.  Plus 48 recipes of food that I eat on a regular bases that supports my sleep.

Want to learn about Nourished Sleep?  Click here: Nourished Sleep

Food really is the secret ingredient to getting back to sleep.