Do your best.
Leave the rest.
Angels do no more.

That was a saying that a friend told me over 30 years ago.
Back then I was so driven to do everything and do it perfectly.
Make no mistakes.
And if I only worked harder, then I could get everything finished.

Only trouble was it never finished.
There was always more work.
I just kept taking on more work, creating more work.
No time to look for efficiencies or better way of doing things.
Full steam ahead.
Don’t say no to anything.
Work faster, more hours, don’t get distracted, skip lunch.
Play hard, work hard.

Anyone resonate with any of this?
You can see why I ended up in such a health crisis mess in my early 50’s.
But it was the insomnia that was the last straw and forced me to slow down and to prioritize my health.

Sadly I have seen many women not prioritize their health and never take any action for change.

I took action and changed (as many others like me have as well).
And yet some women don’t.
They stay stuck in their pain.

I think about this often.

I know for one friend, it was her depression.
She just could not get past her pain.
Everything was about her past.
She saw no future.

I know several women who can’t get past their daily stress.
They keep reliving all the ways their busy lives are stressful.
Creating more stress just thinking about their stress.

From others I hear about how something in their past is stopping them from doing something, anything in the future.

And the excuses I hear about not able to make a change.
Even a little one.
I have been there, I understand.
We all know that something needs to change and we keeping delaying it.
I’m too tired. 
I’m too busy.
Maybe tomorrow, next week, after the holidays.

I guess it all depends on where your rock bottom is.
Because for me being awake all night was a living hell.
I could cope with my obesity, thyroid issues, my irrational emotions, the disappointment I felt about myself and my painful osteoarthritis.
But I could not cope with insomnia.
And I did not stop seeking solutions.
I made changes and I saw improvement.
Not just in my sleep but in all areas of my health.
Physically, mentally, emotionally.
And that kept me going.
It’s what keeps me going.

I still am in awe how my life improved.
I hit my rock bottom and climbed back up.
I found love, created a new career, have many friends and deep connections.
I have fun.
I laugh.
I relax and don’t get too stressed out about things.
I have clarity in my head.
I am not so irrational.
My emotions are stable.
I find joy in doing simply things.

My friend however never sought solutions.
She only complained about her lot in life.
She was sad, lonely and in emotional, physical and mental pain.
She died last year.
She was only a year older than me.

And I have been reflecting on this.

We all carry some kind of pain in our hearts.
We have all likely experienced some kind of trauma.
We have all experienced, loss, disappointment, frustration.
We say terrible things to ourselves.

And I still believe that there is hope.
That our lives can improve and get better.
In all ways:  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Be kind to yourself.
Don’t give up.
Take imperfect action.
Smile, laugh more often.
Do something fun.
Chat with a friend.
Reach out for help.
Seek solutions.
Life can get better.

Do your best.
Leave the rest.
Angels do no more.