The endless cycle of not being able to sleep really does wear you down.

When it goes on for what seems like forever, in the back of your mind you start to believe that you will never sleep.
Nothing helps
Nothing is working.
And yet you search for something.

I am here to tell you that sleep is possible.
And really there is no magic pill, no magic potion, no instant solution.
It takes getting your body back into balance.

If your diet is off, if you don’t move your body, if you are stressed and unable to relax, if your hormones are out of whack and you are absolutely convinced you will never sleep again then you will continue to struggle to sleep.

So take a deep breath.
I get how overwhelming it can be especially if you are tired.

Start small.
Take one step.

Have a cup of tea.
Yes something so simple as a cup of tea.
And not just any tea, an herbal tea.
Why?  Because having a cup of herbal tea is not about being on the go.
It is about sitting down with your cup of tea and being mindful.
Have the tea outside, on your front porch, patio, balcony or favourite chair.
Perhaps take it to a park bench or the beach.

What kind of herbal tea you might be thinking?
So many great ones to choose from.
Chamomile, mint, passionflower, lemon balm, holy basil, hops, licorice, lavender, ginseng, rose or valerian are just some suggestions.
Look for ones that are combined for a more interesting taste.
Hops can be bitter while valerian has an stinky aroma but don’t let that you stop you from trying them.  Find them blended with other herbs.   Both are known to be calming and sleep promoting.

Now don’t assume that a cup of tea is going to get you to sleep tonight.
But it can help by creating a habit of relaxation and combined with something like a calming herbal tea.

Take a moment to relax.
Get your body to calm down.
And free your mind of overthinking or focussing on what is troubling you.
Drink your tea.  And think of what is possible. 
Day dream something wonderful.
Make it up and make it up as something special, beautiful, joyful or loving.
Even if it only lasts for a couple of sips.

It is a starting point.
Starting to create habits to relax.
And that works towards promoting sleep.