How much of a googler are you?

I think, like most of us, it is so easy to google and get instant answers.  Like finding the lyrics to a song we cannot remember or an actor who was in a particular movie or what to do with all the zucchini growing abundantly in the garden.

Google is helpful.  It gives us the answers we seek right away.  And I suppose we learn a lot of things we might never have come to know.

And then there is the downside to googling.

The concern is the googling of health conditions and symptoms.  Self-diagnosing or deciding on a course of action without consulting a qualified health care practitioner.

it is so common that it now has a name – “cyberchondria” or “compuchondria”.  This new condition creates its own symptoms of excess worry or anxiety when finding out about all kinds of health conditions or rare disease that you thing you might have.

Now don’t get me wrong, googling can help with finding great information and lead to seeking out the help needed.

It is the stress and anxiety that it causes you that is the problem. 
And this affects sleep.

Our minds are very powerful and if you start to believe what you read, it really can have a negative effect.

i spoke to a woman recently about her sleep issues and she was very anxious about her sleep because she read some things that could happen to her if she did not get enough sleep.  She was starting to panic of the things that she believed would happen to her.  She was projecting into the future instead of working on the present and developing the strategies to get back to sleep.  I could tell you what she said but then I would be concerned that someone reading this might start to get anxious or more stressed about their insomnia.

Not sleeping can cause problems in the body but it is my experience that those that have insomnia want to sleep and being reminded of the issues that might come up is not helpful. 

This is why I rarely write about it.

Keeping looking for solutions for sleep.
Focus in on solutions.
Don’t look for what could go wrong – look for what can go right.
Believe that you can find sleep again.
Getting back to sleep naturally requires taking action steps.
Don’t believe everything you read.
There are rarely quick fixes.

If you don’t know what action steps to take, then I suggest you have a conversation with me about finding a way to get back to sleep naturally.