I used to get frequent headaches, in fact, most of them were migraines.

Frequently I would reach out for aspirins with codeine – the only thing that worked to get rid of my headaches.  The aspirin never stopped the migraines from happening, they just lessened the pain.

The migraines started in my teens and seemed to disappear around perimenopause. I suffered with them for over 30 years.
Those migraines always felt a part of my identity. I never went anywhere without a bottle of aspirin.

You see my migraines were actually a symptom. Headaches were not the actual problem. It was how my body manifested the problem.  

I look back now at that time and what I was experiencing and suspect it was most likely hormonal imbalances, with the culprit being estrogen dominance. If I had know that, I could have worked on balancing my hormones and either lessened the intensity of the migranes or eliminated them. But you cannot work on something you don’t know is the problem because you think the symptom is the problem.

That experience shows me that it is the same for insomnia.
It is a symptom that something is out of balance in your body.
And no matter what you take to alleviate your sleeplessness the problem remains.
Night after night.

A sleeping pill does not fix insomnia, it just alleviates the symptom temporarily.  And in some cases can make the insomnia worse.

This is why addressing what is really going on in your body and finding what is out of balance is the start of addressing insomnia so solutions can be found.  Then you can work to bring balance back to the body so sleep can naturally occur.

Solving my insomnia problem prompted me to study the science of sleep, holistic practices, nutrition, hormones and more to find all the natural solutions to getting sleep. With clients, I start with why someone is not sleeping – where in their body are they out of balance?  What is stopping them from sleeping?  With all the tools and skills I have learned and developed,  I created the sleep coaching program “Let’s Get You To Sleep” which has helped every client improve their sleep.

Are you struggling to get to sleep, have you tried everything you can think of to get to sleep?  And nothing is working?
I am here to tell you that there is another way to find the sleep you seek.

Reach out and connect so you can start learning how to get that good night’s sleep you are seeking.