I recently had a client tell me she feels terrible and cannot stick to her nutritional plan.  I reach out and give her encouragement she says helps and yet the cycle continues.

I want to address what she is telling herself. Terrible means guilt.  My suggestion to her and anyone who feels that way is to Stop It!  Do not be so hard on yourself. Just notice where you are.  It is your starting point.  I say congratulations for recognizing that changes have to be made. Make it more neutral in your mind.  Reframe it by becoming curious.  How can I make changes?  What is one thing I can easily do today?  There are so many easy changes that one can implement on their journey to health and wellness. 

Every day put your intentions out there to move forward.  Your intentions are the steps you take to reach your goal.  So have a goal.  For example you have hormonal issues or you want to release weight – How much?  By when? Do you want more energy?  Sleep better?  Give yourself an intention that will move you in that direction.  Perhaps your first intention could be to eat more green vegetables.  Or move your body move. Or have a no sugar day. Or drink more water. Have that intention for that day.  Say it out loud or write it down.  Secretly wishing and hoping does not work – taking action does. 

Reframe how you think.  Learning how to do this will change you. It is a powerful tool to learn. When negative thoughts come in – it’s too hard, I can’t do this, I feel terrible, then recognize the negative thoughts and think how to switch them.  Be curious. Say to yourself how easy it is to change one thing today, or I can do this today, or I am excited to do this today, or I am going to feel amazing at the end of today.   Believe in yourself and your success.

We largely react, behave, think and live our lives exactly the same as we did yesterday. So it should be no surprise if you do the same thing every day, have the same thoughts everyday that they lead to making the same choices. This means your today and tomorrow will always be the same as yesterday. You are in essence living in the past. In order to have a new today and tomorrow, you need to have new thoughts that lead to actions that create new behaviours. 

And when you set out and accomplish your intentions notice how great you feel. Congratulate yourself.  You feel so proud of yourself, you want to do it again tomorrow. A new thought, action and behaviour is born. It is the start of reframing your mind and helping you make a better today and tomorrow.

Give it a shot – plan for a better tomorrow by doing something different today. Reframe your thoughts. Create the world you want.

from the heart,

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