The holiday season is upon us.  It makes some of us really happy, joyful and excited and others stressed, sad or wishing it was all over.  It can be a time where our buttons get pushed or our good intentions go unnoticed or are diminished.

Is there a way to change that?  The reality is the only thing you can change is your view of the situation or your mindset. We often play many scenarios in our head about how the situation or conversation is going to go.  It is what is called mindreading.  And we do that far too much. 

There are many ways to improve how your day is going to be.   And it takes practice and conscious effort.  Are you willing to give it try?

Let go of judgment.  Really, everyone is doing the best they can.  Showing kindness can disarm some of the grumpiest people.  Many years ago when I worked at the airport, a man started yelling at me.  I was not really focused on him and not completely aware that he was directing his anger at me.  I put on a big smile and greeted him warmly.  He stopped in his tracks and smiled right back at me and we both laughed when he told me how he was anger moments earlier. 

If you are going to a place where you anticipate drama or tension, no doubt you have already mind read and played out the scenario in your head as to how it will all go down.  Most likely it is not a pretty picture. Turn that around, since you are making this up in your head anyway, and envision something more calming, pleasant, loving with no anticipation of drama. 

You can also start by setting an intention for how you want your day or situation to be. An intention is something that you want to do or desire for something to happen.  It is kind of like creating your immediate future – shaping it for how you want it to be.  Making your best effort to have happen what you want to happen.

To set intentions always frame them in a positive way.  Make your intention be specific.  Say what you want, not what you don’t want.  For example you don’t want to over indulge – your intention could be something like:  I intend to eat only what my body needs to be nourished instead of I intend to not pig out.   Have your intention come from the heart – mean it!  And finally the intention should be for that day or for a particular event.

Intentions can be said out loud, or written down or clearly said in your head and you might wish to repeat it several times.  Create a loving, caring or kindness feeling in your body when you do this. Then release it and detach from the outcome.  Trust that everything will unfold as it should.

Setting an intention really is about self-care.  It is about how you want to feel.

Intentions can be for anything you want in life.  I encourage you to make your own that matters most to you.  Here are some ideas of intentions that might inspire you for your own geared to the Christmas holiday time:

I intend to:
–       enjoy my dinner and stop at 80% full
–       be grateful for …. (i.e. the gift you receive from someone)
–       have a peaceful holiday celebration with family and/or friends
–       make time for myself (self care – doing something special for yourself)
–       let someone know how much they matter to me
–       open my heart and mind to learning something today
–       love myself and let go of judgment
–       move my body (go for a walk, exercise, play a game)
–       speak to everyone I meet today with kind words
–       be supportive and understanding to (particular person)
–       open myself to any possibilities that bring joy into my life
–       be open to enjoy, appreciate and contribute to the holiday gathering

Enjoy your holiday season and know that you are not alone.  Everyone is going through something.  Have kind thoughts, kind words and kind actions.

From the heart,


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