As I have mentioned in a previous newsletter and in my Facebook group Journey To Sleep posts, that the inability to sleep is not the problem.  It is the symptom so in looking for solutions you have to go beyond that one thing that will get you to sleep.  Finding the why you are not sleeping really helps to get to the right solutions.

And if you don’t, then this is where you start to chase solutions.  I see this all the time.  I give my best advice about looking into either diet, exercise, ways to de-stress and balance the hormones and it all gets de-railed if the shiny object of the magical single solution to getting to sleep is dangled before your eyes.

How many of you read or hear about something that will help with sleep and you rush off to try it because you believe at last you have found the solution?  Only to be disappointed that yet again something else did not work.  So many people are out there selling the solution to getting or staying asleep. Testimonials saying how great their sleep now is.  Surely it must be true.  And perhaps for a select few it actually might be the thing they were looking for.

However if your hormones are out of balance, if you are not eating the right nutrients that create the environment so your hormones and neurotransmitters can be created, if you are not exercising or moving your body daily or you are stressed and not managing or calming your body down – you will continue to have insomnia or sleep issues no matter what magic wand is waved at you.  The problem still exists and the symptom will continue.

Let me explain.  When I was first made aware that my chronic stress was the reason for my insomnia, dietary changes and licorice root was the recommendation.  The licorice root actually worked and then a month later it stopped working.  This really puzzled me because I thought I found the magic potion to my sleep issues.  I had to go deeper in my diet, exercise – move my body, learn to relax, incorporate sleep hygiene suggestions and balance my hormones.  And it took time, effort and a whole lot of learning because I had no one to guide me.  

And I now sleep.  Sure sometimes I have a bad night’s sleep but now I know what to do.  I have type A personality and that means I need to relax more.

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