Discover My Top 5 Ways To Prep for Sleep As A Midlife Woman

Get Better SleepGet Better SleepAll I wanted to do was sleep and no matter how hard I tried I could not get to sleep.

It felt like I was awake all night.
So frustrating.

I had just ended a busy career and moved back home and to a new place.
I had no idea how bad my sleeping was until then.
I ignored all the signs.

There were a whole bunch of other things going on with my body as well that were
NOT a sign of anything good.
Did I do anything about it?

Just kept wishing I would fall asleep. I was at a complete loss as to what to do and little motivation.

I remember I tried to exercise thinking that would help. I would go to the gym in the morning and come back so exhausted that I laid down on the sofa at 10 am thinking I would have a nap. I was so tired and when I closed my eyes, I felt alert.

It was the strangest thing.

That was exactly how it was like going to bed at night. I would stay up late and go to bed around midnight thinking for sure I will easily fall asleep.

But no, my brain was so alert and my body was exhausted.

I needed to find the solution.

Nobody I knew had sleep problems. Why me when I use to be such a good sleeper?

I started to sleep and then I would wake up in the middle of the night and not get back to sleep or I had trouble getting to sleep. I was all over the map with sleep.

My journey to getting complete and restful sleep changed everything in my life.
It was a slow journey because I had to find all the solutions myself.

I would try so many different things. And the truth is that there is not one solution.

I learned how to bring my body back into balance.
I know this journey has been a game changer for me with so many wonderful things happening in my life and now for my clients.
This is why I put together My Top 5 Ways To Prep For Sleep As A Midlife Woman without any fuss or adding stress.
Start the journey. Grab a copy here → 5 Ways To Prep For Sleep

From the heart, Caryl

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