you need to wake up to in retirement.

I know during my career, I would wake up and wanted so much to go back to sleep. I would start dreaming about how great my life will be in retirement. I imaged sleeping in and waking up without the dreaded alarm clock! I wouldn’t need to be rushing about like a crazy person, there wouldn’t be any stress and all the chores will be a breeze! I would idyllically live out the rest of my life rejuvenated – mostly because I got to sleep in!
Wake Up Refreshed

But sadly the dream is not often a reality. According to a Sun Life Financial Canada survey conducted in 2014, 70% of retirees did not retire on the day they planned and of those 41% did so because of health reasons.

When I retired early, I was in ill health due largely to painful osteoarthritis, obesity and thyroid problems. And my dreams of sleeping in were dashed when I suffered from agonizing insomnia brought on by adrenal fatigue. So much for my idyllic retirement!

The good thing about not working enabled me to focus on myself and come to grips with having to make changes. And it was hard but I did it. I went back to school and learned the connection between food and the effects on the body. If I had known this connection earlier in life, I might have prevented some of my health problems.

Of course this has taught me that it is never too late to change. I eat real food and exercise by building muscles which results in barely noticing my osteoarthritis pain. I no longer limp and I no longer wear plus or XL size clothes! But best of all, I now sleep. I wake up naturally on the days I have no early plans.

So how will you be waking up in retirement? Will you be waking up in good health?