hypnosis and sleep

Cannot get to sleep?

Want to make better food choices?

Then hypnotherapy could be the answer.

So what is hypnosis?

Let’s start with a quote:

“Hypnosis is a process which produces relaxation, distraction of the conscious mind, heightened suggestibility and increased awareness, allowing access to the subconscious mind through the imagination. It also produces the ability to experience thoughts and images as real”. Belief + Expectation = Hypnosis.”
Dr. A. Krasner, founder of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is the art of communication with the unconscious mind. It is the power of suggestion. You are in trance. If you think that is a strange place to be, then have you ever experienced driving home and pulling into the parking space and think how did I get here? You were in trance.

Hypnotherapy helps with behaviour change. In a state of relaxation, suggestions allow the hypnosis to speak directly to the unconscious mind. It works really well for those that are highly suggestible, meaning those that are able to concentrate, have an active and vivid imagination. It won’t work at all for those that are not even remotely suggestible.

Do you believe you don’t sleep?
Do you worry that you cannot sleep?
Anxious about going to bed because you just know you won’t be sleeping so you continue to stay up? Or worried that you will never get enough sleep?

Hypnosis can help.

There was a study in Switzerland of 70 healthy women between the ages of 18 to 35 years. The study found that those with low suggestibility had no improvement in their sleep. Those that were highly suggestible slept 67% more and their deep sleep time rose 80% following an audio hypnosis.

We often develop bad eating habits. Have you noticed that you mindless eat, munching away a whole bag of potato chips. You get so annoyed with yourself because you don’t even recalling eating that much – again you were in trance. And why do you never think to eat more vegetables? Would you like to change that?

Hypnosis can help.

Let me give you an example. I had a client that wanted to eat more vegetables. She gave me a list of the vegetables that she loved but did not eat nearly enough of them. One of them was zucchini. Now I don’t mind zucchini but it is not my “go to” vegetable. I designed a script for her, gave her several sessions and made a recording. Then I noticed that I started buying and cooking zucchini’s! It was completely out of my own awareness and simply starting eating them. It was only when I said to myself, why am I buying so many zucchini’s that it twigged!
This is the power of hypnosis.