Nutritional Counselling

Holistic Nutrition is a natural approach to a healthy diet encompassing all aspects of an individuals lifestyle taking into account the body, mind and spirit of the person.  A nutritionist’s principal function is to educate about the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition which is to encourage eating natural, alive and good quality food.  It is recognized that we are all biologically unique and not one diet fits all.

Poor nutrition and lifestyle choices can be a major cause of a wide range of health disorders, for example, in type II diabetes, obesity or heart disease.  Good nutrition can help prevent, manage or reverse some health disorders.   In my case, for example, the osteoarthritis in the knees was painful and I walked with a limp.  I reduced my weight, built strength in my legs, ate an anti-inflammatory diet and took specific supplements resulting in greatly reducing the pain in my knees and I started walking normally.

So if you have concerns about your weight, digestive issues, hormonal issues, looking to change your diet because of diabetes or cardiovascular problems, fatigue, insomnia, low mood or weak immune then nutrition and lifestyle changes just might be the key to making you look better, feel better and giving you the zest for life again.

In a Nutritional Consultation you will fill out a lifestyle and dietary assessment form that aids in detecting what your imbalances and primary concerns are.  This assessment aids in developing strategies and protocols to improve your diet and lifestyle choices.  There is no judgement in any session.  Your information is private and confidential and not discussed further without your consent.