Initially, I think most of us were being optimistic and hopeful, thinking that the pandemic could be controlled in a couple of weeks.  And as we wait for word that it is safe to return to some kind of normal, we sit around and perhaps our thoughts turn worry and fear.

This is a challenge.  The current situation we find ourselves in is not something we have remotely experienced. Yet we are safe in our home, we have food and we are able to connect through social media.  Most of us can go out for a walk.   And still there is a sense of unease as to how long this will go on and how will our lives change.  So it is natural to be worried and concerned for the future.

My view is the future will come and in time we will look back at this pivotal moment in our history. We will survive this.  This is the human experience.

Fear based thinking can also lead to anxiety and sleep problems. What I find interesting is that some people who have had sleep problems are actually sleeping better and if that is you, then you can see a bit more clearly as to why you were struggling with sleep in the first place.  And for others, sleep is the same or worse. 

If you are isolated at home or social distancing there can be a tendency to change our routines since we really have not established a new routine. When it comes to sleep it is important to keep a routine.  So stick with your regular schedule.  If you went to bed at 10 before, continue to do so. And get up at the same time.  Have your meals, exercise/movement, other activities at the same time every day.  In fact, you will probably find it easier since we are staying indoors.  Keeping to this schedule will help keep your body’s natural internal clock, your circadian rhythms, in harmony. 

In the past you might not have had the luxury of keeping to a schedule. Now you can and by doing so, you might find you are sleeping better.  This is a great time to experiment.  Our bodies love to be in balance so work on keeping your body in time with your internal clock.  Stick to a routine, everyday, including weekends.

And if the experiment does not work and you continue to have issues, then you know that your sleep issue is more than your circadian rhythm being off.  Learning why you are not sleeping is so helpful to eventually finding your solutions.

And please let me know – has your sleep improved, not changed or getting worse?

From the heart,


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