On my bucket list of destinations is Newfoundland.  I am really excited as I am finally going there this month.  There are so many reasons that I want to go there – fresh ocean air, beautiful nature, friendly people and seafood! 

In honour of my trip I thought I would share a favourite recipe I have for Coconut Cod Stew.  I found a local fishmonger that sells Newfoundland cod fillets.  After making this recipe for the first time, I became a huge fan of cod.

Ingredient List:
1 tbsp of butter or ghee
1 onion, chopped
1 cup of full fat coconut milk
1 cup of stock (fish or vegetable) or water
1 fillet of Newfoundland cod, cut into small bit size pieces (size depends on how many you are serving and if you want leftovers)
2 diced potatoes
3/4 cup of corn
Handful of spinach or arugula
Some fresh corriander
1 tsp tarragon (or spice of your choice)
pinch of sea salt
fresh ground pepper

On medium heat, melt the butter or ghee in a pot large enough to make the entire dish.  Add the onions and continue to cook until soft.  If the onions begin to stick add a splash of water. 
Add stock or water and when boiling add the potoates.  Reduce the heat to a simmer and cover the pot for a couple of minutes. When potatoes are still just barely firm, add the corn, tarragon and pinch of salt.  Stir.  Now add in the coconut milk. When the stew is about to boil, add the cod and turn down the pot to a simmer.  Put lid on pot.  It does not take long for the fish to cook so check it closely.  Should be done around the 5 minute mark.

In a bowl add a handful or spinach or arugula.  Pour stew over the greens.  Grind some fresh pepper over the stew and top with corriander leaves.

Serves 2 to 4.

This recipe was something I was inspired to make from fellow Regisitered Holistic Nutritionist, Luana Flacco.  Although I did change many of the ingredients.  As with all recipes you can tinker with it.  I consider most recipes guide posts and often change it up to suit my tastebuds or what’s in the fridge.  So don’t be afraid to experiment. 

You can change the spices and perhaps use curry spices or have basil instead or corriander.  Add broccoli, peas, carrots or green beans.  Make it to your taste buds.  And if you are a vegetarian, then add tofu instead of fish.  If you don’t like fish – use chicken instead.  I know the next time I make this dish, I am going to add 1/4 cup of chopped celery shortly after the onions start to cook.  It might just be a nice addition.

Enjoy the food you cook for yourself.  And if you don’t like to cook, have someone cook this for you!

From the heart,

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