The day is ending and heading into evening.  You start to worry, maybe even a bit fearful, about going to bed.

You start associating your bed or even your bedroom as an unpleasant place.
Afterall it is a source of your pain.
And not being able to sleep is painful.
Maybe not physically but certainly emotionally and mentally.

It is taxing to always be tired.  Drained of energy.

And yet there are things you can do. 
If you fear your bedtime or your bedroom, how can you reframe that?

Having a bedtime ritual can help shift your thinking and getting your body ready for bed.

By having rituals and ones that you enjoy helps your brain associate going to bed as a pleasant experience.  Sure it is not going to knock you out and go to sleep right away.  Think of it as brain training.  The routine is preparing for sleep,

Here are some ideas to start creating your bedtime ritual:

Close the curtains in the bedroom and in the rest of the house in the evening.
Dim the lights in the evening.
Finish eating at least 3 hours prior to bed time.
Drink a relaxing herbal tea an hour before going to bed.
Have a warm Epsom salt bath just before bed.
Or take a shower if you prefer.
Use essential oils like lavender.
Listen to some relaxing music:  Zen, spa, relaxing type that is easily found on Youtube.
Journal – write down your thoughts – letting go of anything that is bothering you.
Meditate on your own or listen to a guided meditation.
Deep breathing exercise.
Restorative yoga poses.
Do nothing stimualing (sex would be the exception).
Turn the electronics, computers, TV off one hour before going to bed.
– Is this too challenging? – then start with 30 minutes,
Bathroom routine before bed: brushing teeth, hair, skin care or washing face and hands.
Use the toilet as the last thing you do before going into bed
Your bedroom is completely dark.
As you slip into bed, say kind things to yourself.
And it does not matter if you believe it or not – just say kind things to yourself.

Pick a couple or more that resonate with you.
Make it a habit.  Every night,
Because you want to go to bed and fall into a delicious night’s sleep.