Nutrigenomix – Genetic Testing


Are you curious as to what genes you carry and how they metabolize specific foods? How many coffees should you be drinking a day?   How much omega 3 fat should you be consuming?  Are you at risk for Vitamin C deficiency?

This is a personalized nutritional test of 45 genes with recommendations based on your genetic markers. The human genome consists of about 25,000 genes. The variations in our genes make us unique from one another including how we metabolize and utilize the nutrients we ingest.  This test will further help you to understand your body’s composition and how your genes respond to physical activity, weight management and even your eating habits. Understanding your genetic profile and its implications on your unique response to the food and beverages will provide you with the tools needed to make the best dietary and lifestyle choices. Your diet can optimize your nutritional status and specifically focus on preventing diet related diseases.  Eat according to your genes!

If you are an athlete and want to know how your genes can aid in enhancing your performance then this report can be prepared specifically how your genetic variation is enhancing or affecting your performance.  For example, caffeine may aid or hinder your performance – it all depends on your genetic marker and variant.  This means you will have the knowledge to make the necessary adjustments.

Some examples of genes tested are:  Vitamins A, B12, C, D, E, Folate, Iron, Calcium Caffeine, Whole Grains, Sodium Omega 3 Fat, Total Fat, Protein Lactose, Gluten Sugar Preference, Starch, Motivation to Exercise (yes there is a gene for that!), Endurance, Pain, Power and Strength and more!

Your test comes in a booklet, easy to read and understand with recommendations.  The report is also available in other languages, for example, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese and more.

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The term nutrigenomixs refers to both the study of how the food, beverages and supplements we consume affects our genes and how our genes can influence our body’s response to what we eat