Hypnosis Training

Do you feel like you failed your clients when they don’t lose weight, or change their harmful lifestyle habits or continue to smoke?  Do you feel you need more tools to help your clients?  Are you stuck or need motivation to achieve your own goals?  Stuck in a poverty mindset?


Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to be effective in creating behavioural changes.   It is a very effective tool to use in weight loss, emotional eating, motivation, anxiety, quitting smoking and many other behavioural issues.  It works safely for anybody including children.

Learn Hypnosis for your clients and self.  Helps your clients or yourself achieve success faster.  As a practitioner it will help you stand out from the crowd by helping to move your clients to make real changes.  Or you can learn for yourself and your family.


I teach a one day workshop on Self Hypnosis.  This helps you gain the focus you need in your life.  I also do weekend workshop that you can become board certified in Hypnosis by attending this 2.5 day weekend course.  This training has been designed for anyone to easily learn and use Hypnosis.

This is hands on training.  You won’t just be watching!  You will begin by seeing live demonstrations and then start practicing on day one.  This training has been designed for anyone to learn Hypnosis easily in an interactive environment.  You will become skilled at modern day Hypnosis and start using it on your clients and self right away.

The training will allow you to get international certification (optional) through the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).

Trainers are Board Certified Trainers of Hypnosis, Master Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy TM.